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Blind Man’s Bluff

It was dark. Nothing could be seen. His voice echoed in the emptiness:
” Hello!….”
He continued walking. And again:
” Hello!….”
He was not expecting a reply any more, yet again:
” Hello!….”
Something unexpected :
He reached for the owner of the voice in the dark. Their hands touched each other.
She held his hand. He held her hand tighter. The other hand too. He layed all his armour and guard aside. Then she took one hand back, and pushed him slightly away.
Panicked, he grabbed her arm. “Don’t!”. Panicked, she hit his hand. Instinctively, he did the same. She took her other hand back, and grabbed the first thing she touched and hit him with it.
He said “Don’t, please don’t”. She hit again. He hang his head. She hit again. Was bleeding. “For heavens sake, please …” he could whisper.
Again with fear, again with passion, and again hit she…. He stood still in tears and blood.
When she stopped, she sawthat it was her own heart she was holding.


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