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The Poet

A man used to write poems for the woman he loved.
One day … all of a sudden the woman abandoned him.

He kept writing…
He wrote more.. and more….
And one day he became a famous poet.

Years later, he went back to his home-town to read his poems on a big poetry night.
At the end of the performance, the woman for the love of whom all the poems were written, came along with her husband next to her
…. and said “Hello”

The man looked at her, as if he was looking at an ordinary person.
“Haven’t you recognized me?” she asked.
“No I haven’t” he replied..
“How come!?
I’m the woman for whom you have written poems;
I’m the woman who turned you into a poet…”

The man looked in the eyes of the woman and said:

“If the magic was all about you, the man standing next to you should have been a poet too.”.


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